Wealth: How the World's High-Net-Worth Grow, Sustain, and Manage Their Fortunes

In Wealth, Merrill Lynch and Capgemini present a readable guide on what drives the success of high net worth investors, as well as the trends, growth, increased complexity and competitiveness of the global wealth management market, all based on over a decade of research.

Full of wealth-building strategies for high net worth investors everywhere, those who advise them, and those who aspire to join their ranks, Wealth is a complete guide to successful holistic wealth management. This comprehensive resource includes:

  • What you should aspire to achieve with your wealth management goals.
  • New ways in which HNWIs should think about planning for the future
  • How to get to the next level of wealth
  • Trends, similarities and differences in various regions around the world
  • Innovative approaches to asset allocation and alternative investments
  • The increasing role of philanthropy, the growing importance of inter- generational wealth transfer, and other emerging issues for HNWIs
  • In-depth interviews with prominent advisors, and high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals
  • Provocative thinking on the future of the wealth management industry

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