Transforming the Organization


The fresh perspectives offered in this book view the corporation as a living, breathing organism, complete with body, mind and spirit. The authors argue that the key to a company's successful transformation and growth is the unified pursuit of common goals, achieved by keeping technology, work architecture, reward structure and other biocorporate systems in sync. The book offers numerous case studies involving DuPont, Philips, Citibank, Ashland Oil, Rolls-Royce, Texas retailer HEB, and other firms. The authors, both executives with global consulting firm Gemini, explain how to garner motivation by creating a large number of natural work teams - small groups of multi-talented people empowered with the authority to take action. In contrast to Pavlovian, carrot-and-stick reward system, they recommend instituting individual learning by linking rewards to an employee's expanding opportunities, skills and participation. This offers a visionary yet practical blueprint for corporate restructuring and renewal.


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