Digital Services & Technologies

Chief Information Officers are under pressure to deliver new digital services and technologies requested by its CXOs peers (CEO, CMO, CCO, HR, …). This can create conflicting demands.

On the one hand, companies must reduce time to market, which advocates for new systems delivered as quickly as possible. On the other, they must support sustainability and plug into legacy systems to support long-term IT strategies.

Today’s businesses are undergoing a fragmented digital organization with various entities, spread throughout many departments. The value of centralizing, decentralizing and the exact role of IT departments are all important issues facing CIOs.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has developed a unique methodology for integrating digital services and technologies. From strategy to implementation, we offer solutions based on an eight week program built on a “test and learn” approach.

Our objective is to help you understand the key issues facing your digital service and technology process. Working together with your company, we design a tailored and effective road map.

Capgemini Consulting also offers a series of collaborative "Digital Day" workshops to identify the digital services and technologies that maximize the added value for your company.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our experience covers all sectors and geographies, as well as all dimensions of the digital services framework.

For example, we supported a leader in the regulated loan market define a new concept of agency using a new digital multi-canal customer experience (internet, PoS). This new PoS concept leverages the power of connected devices, including interactive kiosks, surface tables, iPads and image walls.

In another instance, we supported a utilities leader, using a social network to foster innovation and internal crowdsourcing.