Leadership 2.0

When companies are confronted by significant business challenges in difficult times, the need for sharp and engaging leadership is a competitive advantage and essential for success.

Dealing with complexity in unstable environments; embodying – and contributing to – the company’s promise and translating it into people’s real daily lives; making the best of the new collaboration capabilities, which are transparent, instantaneous and encompass the entire world; simultaneously combining engagement and loyalty by building trust with all players, both in and out of the company  – these are some of the extraordinary challenges that leaders and managers of this still young 21st century are required to solve every day.

While some may characterise this environment as simply living in “interesting times”, many struggle to build the vision and find the path to a better future.

Capgemini Consulting has extensive experience of leadership revitalisation, supporting the emergence of a new breed of leaders. Our approach moves beyond the logic of born-with or taught leadership to carefully-orchestrated leadership development based on three key principles:  Leadership Value Proposal; Behaviours and Ways of Working; and Culture Change:

Leadership Value Proposal:  Reinvent the value proposal of management / leadership in the company's business context, building on today’s accelerated pace of change, which demands more from leaders and managers. They still have a key role to play, but which roles and how?

Behaviours and Ways of Working:  Establish the conditions for new leadership / management ways of working. Shifting from expertise-based legitimacy towards collective problem-solving based on connectivity and arbitration is the new reality and way forward. But talk is not enough – making it happens requires genuine dedication and resolve with these new behaviours, as multiple levers need to be combined simultaneously to get beyond the surface. 

Culture Change:  Build the conditions for a sustainable culture shift. Don´t stop at making a small dent in the leadership style of the company, which is not that hard and happens quite often, but focus instead on how new and lasting leadership models and cultures can actually be created, thus answering your business’s challenges through the people lens. 

As this is living material, there is NO unique solution. Its value and pertinence will mainly come from the way it is designed and implemented.  At Capgemini Consulting, we help today’s far-sighted organizations deliver Leadership 2.0.

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