Ulf Däversjö

Managing Consultant, Supply Chain Management, Sweden

“As colleagues on all levels impress me with the amount of energy and enthusiasm they put into their projects, I take pride in knowing that I'm a part of making those projects happen.”

What is the most exciting project you have worked on at Capgemini Consulting?

It's hard to single out the most exciting project I've worked on at Capgemini Consulting, but one good example would be a project I helped deliver for a client in the automotive industry. Simply put, our challenge was to develop a newly aligned "way of working" with purchasing and supply management across the client's different regions and business lines. Using our hands-on, collaborative approach and engaging with global management and local client teams, we helped the client make a significant change and establish an effective operating model.

In what way do you feel you have contributed to the industries in which you have worked?

Moving between industries (for example, consumer goods, heavy manufacturing, telecoms and the defense industries), I've been able to pick up and crossbreed good ideas and effective methods from different client environments. Representing an outside perspective and using the opportunity to challenge "native" industry thinking, I have seen many examples where we have helped our clients make significant knowledge leaps resulting in long-term value delivery.

Through your career at Capgemini Consulting what skills, experiences and primary areas of expertise have you gained?

During my years with Capgemini Consulting, I've developed solid expertise within my focus area, procurement and sourcing, but at the same time I've managed to acquire a broad understanding of supply chain management and overall business strategy. I have also benefitted from broad industry exposure, and I believe that I've become a much more effective project manager.

Apart from client projects, in what other ways have you contributed internally to develop Capgemini Consulting? How has this benefitted you?

Apart from client projects, I work with recruitment, coaching of junior colleagues, and business development. I really enjoy playing an active part in the growth and development of our high-paced and constantly evolving business. As colleagues on all levels impress me with the amount of energy and enthusiasm they put into their projects, I take pleasure in knowing that I'm a part of making those projects happen.

Why did you join Capgemini Consulting? From your personal standpoint, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

What sets Capgemini Consulting apart is our ability to combine global presence, knowledge, and size with "local" sensibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. I also think that our heritage provides us with a "European Flair" in the way we work with our clients and in the way we act with one another - honesty, respect for the individual, and a collaborative mind-set are important building blocks in the Capgemini Consulting DNA.

What do you do in your spare time?

I prefer to spend my spare time with family and friends. I love traveling and discovering new places. Name any water sport and I will probably have dabbled in it at some point…sailing, swimming, kayaking, kite surfing, I’ve tried them all.  When the water is too cold (as it often is in Sweden) you can find me reading a good novel or in the kitchen trying to improve my amateur cooking skills.