Sebastien Morel

Managing Consultant, Finance Transformation, France

“What makes Capgemini Consulting unique is its value proposition for young employees. Our managers commit to helping consultants develop new skills and drive their career paths.”

What is the most exciting project you have worked on at Capgemini Consulting?

The most exciting project I have worked on is a program for GDF-SUEZ to help them define a common performance management model and dashboard for their European Division.

This project gave me the opportunity to experience diverging business cultures, such as the tough Italian way of negotiating, the Belgian penchant for compromise, the pragmatic British approach, and the Polish sense of hospitality (when I visited their power plant in the countryside)... Now I understand why organizing EU summits is so complicated!

In what way do you feel you have contributed to the industries in which you have worked?

I have helped my clients align their management on why and how they should transform, and I have assisted them in turning this vision into tangible and sustainable results.

For instance, in one of my assignments for Veolia Environment,  after having spent 9 months working on organization charts and processes for the creation of a Shared Services Center, it was an incredible feeling to stand in a brand new building and welcome the first twenty people who were ready to be internal change agents for their new company.

Through your career at Capgemini Consulting what skills, experiences and primary areas of expertise have you gained?

Since I joined Capgemini Consulting 6 years ago with a background in financial controlling, I have developed my expertise in Corporate & Finance Transformation.

I first began developing my skills on performance management projects, and then on other kinds of transformations, like mutualization and cash management, with my favorite clients, CFOs.

Apart from client projects, in what other ways have you contributed internally to develop Capgemini Consulting? How has this benefitted you?

Apart from my projects, I am building methodologies with other consultants, and I am working on “points of view” to strengthen our presence in the market - French speakers can check out my last contribution:  "CFO, value partner ".

I am also, a "Campus Manager", responsible for the strategic partnership between Capgemini Consulting and EDHEC Business School. This position gives me the opportunity to train future management consultants. After two years of training sessions, I can say that catching the attention of 100 students is about as challenging as presenting to senior managers in a Steering Committee!

Why did you join Capgemini Consulting? From your personal standpoint, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

I joined Capgemini Consulting because of the company’s position in the field of transformation. At Capgemini, I have had the opportunity to work on both visioning/diagnosis and design/implementation phases in a wide range of industries where we lead: utilities, media, environment services, automotive industry, to name a few.

For me, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique is its "value proposition“ for young employees. Our managers commit to helping consultants develop new skills and drive their career paths.

What do you do in your spare time?

Out of the office, I spend my time preparing my next travel adventure (maybe Australia?), rehearsing for the next concert I will do with my classical music choir, or going to one of our famous Parisian jazz clubs.