Felizitas Graeber

Strategy & Transformation, Vice President, Germany

“I’ve made good friends throughout my years at Capgemini Consulting, and I appreciate that we maintain high professionalism while staying down to earth.”

What is the most exciting project you have worked on at Capgemini Consulting?

There have been so many projects with such different scopes and set-ups. But the most exciting might have been a market entry strategy project for a European player that was expanding to China. Our team had to deliver a highly challenging strategic concept, requiring us to work together with our office in Shanghai.


In what way do you feel you have contributed to the industries in which you have worked?

I think the experience you gain after many years in one industry can be as relevant and valuable to a client in another industry. For instance, I have managed large transformation programs to increase competitiveness within the Energy & Utilities industry as well as the Services industry. With every client experience, your value and spectrum of knowledge increases, making you more able to really lead an organization through a challenging journey, foreseeing obstacles and ensuring sustainable success.

Through your career at Capgemini Consulting what skills, experiences and primary areas of expertise have you gained?

Within Strategy & Transformation, my expertise is built on classic topics such as strategy development, organizational (re)design, increase of efficiency, integration management, and change management. More and more, you earn the right to consult top management roles through their enlarged business agendas. I personally really like the combination of creating something for the client's future and staying until a solution is ensured and implemented.

Apart from client projects, in what other ways have you contributed internally to develop Capgemini Consulting? How has this benefitted you?

Besides client work, my unit leadership role is both my key contribution and biggest reward. Managing, accompanying, and training colleagues significantly enriches my professional life and personal development. In recruiting as well, I insist on having most of the final interviews with candidates myself. When adding to the team, it is important that I find people who will fit in and really cope with the challenging job. At the same time, when interviewing, I also look for someone we would like to have a drink with. It’s a complex process, and I like to be truly involved in it.

Why did you join Capgemini Consulting? From your personal standpoint, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

The answer to both aspects of the question is actually quite the same. The people, the way that everyone gets treated and respected as individual human beings, and the large degree of freedom that we have regarding our career paths and our personal development. I’ve made good friends throughout my years at Capgemini Consulting, and I appreciate that we maintain high professionalism while staying down to earth.

What do you do in your spare time?

Most of my time is dedicated to my husband and my daughter. Family and friends are important to me, and just having a good time with them is meaningful to me. I like traveling (often to Asia), some sports, and yoga. Playing the piano, reading, and drinking good wine complete my idea of a good time.