Barbara Lambers

Senior Consultant, Strategy & Transformation, Germany

“I have learned that valuable experience can be transferred from one project to another. The ability to think across different industries is what clients appreciate most.”

What is the most exciting project you have worked on at Capgemini Consulting?

It is hard to choose one project as the "most exciting" since all of my projects have had a huge professional and personal impact. One of the projects I benefited from the most was an international reorganization project. It was our task to develop an organizational platform that would support efficient and sustainable growth for the future. I was responsible for directing the change management program and supporting the departments in implementing the organizational changes. Although this was challenging, it was very satisfying to see how we succeeded in helping our client align its country organizations in one common growth strategy.

In what way do you feel you have contributed to the industries in which you have worked?

As I have seen a whole range of companies in a variety of industries, I have learned that valuable experience can be transferred from one project to another. This ability to think across different industries is what clients appreciate most.

Through your career at Capgemini Consulting what skills, experiences and primary areas of expertise have you gained?

From day one, I have seen a lot of different HR- focused transformation projects. My special interest and area of expertise lies in developing organizational models that follow state-of-the-art HR principles. Corporate learning and development is a hot topic that I have recently begun to address in my career at Capgemini Consulting. Finally, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that in the context of business transformation, change management is the key to successful implementation of solutions.

Apart from client projects, in what other ways have you contributed internally to develop Capgemini Consulting? How has this benefitted you?

While not working on a project, I have the chance to support the internal Capgemini Consulting organization to strengthen its unique position in thought leadership. Through several “points of view”, that I have developed, I have had the chance to explore new topics that broaden my horizons. In completing these assignments, I have worked with interesting colleagues around the globe, establishing a strong professional network.

Why did you join Capgemini Consulting? From your personal standpoint, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

My decision to join Capgemini Consulting was driven by a desire to work in a challenging, international environment that would provide me with an excellent foundation on which to start my career. I was convinced of Capgemini Consulting’s excellence in delivering HR strategy and Change Management projects. But my decision was based on soft factors too. At my interviews I met highly interesting, smart, ambitious consultants. Today, more than three years later, I am still convinced that Capgemini Consulting offers me everything I need to develop myself personally and professionally.

What do you do in your spare time?

I lived for almost 2 years in Italy, so I love having "aperitivo" and dinner at my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant before going out. To ensure the right work-life balance, I work out on weekends, doing cycling tours near Lake Constance, running through the forest in Cologne, and sailing once in a while."