Allen Yao

Senior Consultant, Consumer Products and Retail Distribution, China

“According to a Chinese proverb, building a successful career requires learning how to deal with people and learning how to deal with work. Capgemini Consulting has allowed me to do both.”

What is the most exciting project you have worked on at Capgemini Consulting?

Among the various projects I have worked on, the COMAC project has been the most exciting. For me, excitement is always associated with challenge. The COMAC project was challenging because we faced an unfamiliar industry without much domestic reference. This required us to unite consultants from across the globe within Capgemini Consulting to participate in the project. At the project’s peak, our international collaboration included 12 experts from 6 countries plus local consultants and experts in China. In the end, we were able to join forces to deliver a successful project. The intense work and collaboration made this project really exciting.

In what way do you feel you have contributed to the industries in which you have worked?

COMAC, a state-owned Chinese aircraft manufacturer, has undertaken the country’s goal of building large commercial aircraft. The company began designing models in 2008, and the first Chinese-made large commercial aircraft will be in service at the end of 2011. Our project, which helps COMAC achieve better customer service, is crucial to the development of the commercial aircraft industry in China. As a member of the project team, I feel what we did was meaningful for the nation’s development.

Through your career at Capgemini Consulting what skills, experiences and primary areas of expertise have you gained?

Throughout my career at Capgemini Consulting, I have been assigned a variety of projects. I have worked on several strategic assignments in different industries, benefitting from wide exposure to different strategic cases. For instance, as a core team member, I helped the Huaqiao Business Park in a location project in which our Capgemini Delivery Center positioned itself to build marketing and sales strategy and implement Capgemini Consulting solutions in a completely new setting. I have also built my industry expertise in the aviation industry and the industrial parks business through in-depth projects in both of those areas.

Apart from client projects, in what other ways have you contributed internally to develop Capgemini Consulting? How has this benefitted you?

According to an old Chinese saying, building a successful career requires two elements: learning how to deal with people and learning how to deal with work. Capgemini Consulting has allowed me to do both.Within my own development at Capgemini Consulting China, I am continually learning how to deal with people--from our management team to my colleagues and clients. This is a learning experience that I would not be able to gain elsewhere.

Why did you join Capgemini Consulting? From your personal standpoint, what makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

Before joining Capgemini Consulting, I was a consultant for the aviation industry in the United States. I moved back to China and joined Capgemini Consulting to build my career in China. I’ve been with Capgemini Consulting for two years now, and I have enjoyed the work and life here. Throughout my career at Capgemini Consulting, I have been mentored by senior staff, from managers to VPs, who have given me help without hesitation. I am also afforded the opportunity to develop my own interests and map out my own career. I enjoy the fun environment I work in and the people I work with.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to travel on my vacations. I have visited over 30 countries so far, and I have a strong desire to continue my journey of learning about the world. I believe travel is not just a leisure activity, but also a process of self-discovery. The journey is life itself; life takes us to the next destination.