Capgemini Consulting Enables a Leading Restaurant Chain to Shape its Digital Customer Experience

| Point of View

Capgemini Consulting engaged with a leading North American restaurant chain to create a Digital Transformation strategy to bolster the restaurant chain’s digital infrastructure, a prerequisite for a strong customer interface on digital platforms.

The company wanted to expand beyond their core markets, into other geographies and demographics. Although the restaurant chain had a strong presence on the Web, the digital turf was largely unchartered territory. Capgemini Consulting conducted both in-store and online research in order to observe the client’s customers, to understand their expectations and the restaurant chain’s own digital reach. Capgemini Consulting also educated the C-Suite members of the company to drive change management and acceptance.

As a result of Capgemini Consulting’s expertise, the restaurant chain was able to create a blueprint for a presence on the digital platforms, while armed with a better understanding of the digital media preferences of Millennials and Gen Z. The intuitive mobile app helped offer customer loyalty features like reward points and customized menus.