Revitalizing Management

Capgemini Consulting revisits management to build the best performance model possible through people, rebuilding trust in its leaders and confidence in its players. It articulates four components:

  • Leadership & Management
Define vision, ambition and targets
Translated into company values and new “culture” delivery
Match Leadership “signature” and management capability to business priorities
Implement / update the “adjusted” management model
  • Management  Dynamics
Build ambition ownership and implementation
Organize management engagement levers and practices
Align styles, profiles and behaviours
Provide coaching, co-coaching and mentoring
Transform capabilities
  • Management 2.0
New management models: collaborative processes, social networks, multi-generational workforce
Transformation paths towards new management ways
Roles, evolutions and cohesion of the managerial community
  • Performance  Culture
Performance model and room for maneuver
Definition of expected roles and responsibilities
Managerial performance, qualitative and quantitative
Performance trio  implementation (objectives setting, appraisal system, reward)