Cultivating Talents

Capgemini Consulting believes all resources present in and outside of the company can contribute to its performance by using their talents, provided they have the capacity to do so! In a world of nomads and individualists, we help drive workforce performance and ensure a positive return on all HR investments by combining four levers:

  • Capability planning through:
New and different business models
Impact of digitalization and shifting demographics
Strategic and scarce capabilities
Competence management
Geographical, business unit and functional mobility
  • People Flow
Employer branding and strategic and multi sourcing
Integrated, end-to-end talent management
People supply chain management
  • Development culture
Organize professionalization
Enhance employability
Develop just in time learning
Structure knowledge management
  • Performance drivers
Define performance trio: link Objectives setting to Rewards & recognition
Put the psychological contract in action
Attract through career planning