Connecting People & Organization

We – at Capgemini Consulting – believe an organization should provide the means and the capacity for all people in the company – and outside – to easily find the answers to their operational issues. Four transversal drivers have been identified as generating the most valuable flexibility in the organization, with direct consequences on how people work together.

  • Organize cooperation
Develop collaboration  in a digital  / diverse work environment
Lean on borderless business and “Extended enterprise” logic
Integrate Social media
Capitalize on knowledge value
  • Generate agility through:
Client and external orientation
Flexibility and adaptability
Cost optimization (“New way of working”, “smart travelling, smart working”)
Accurate and timely information
Lean processes implementation
  • Build engagement with:
Culture of continuous improvement
Own meaningful contribution
Creating engagement and purpose
Mobilization 2.0
  • Innovate on your Innovation
Bottom up mindset
Adoption of new technologies
Social innovation
Creativity and Entrepreneurship