HR Transformation

Too often, what is missing from the transformation equation is a People Agenda based on the business strategy and transformation challenges while also taking into account new people trends. Putting into play a winning People Agenda is the most effective way to create the expected change in behaviours and work practices for maximized competitive advantage. A forward-looking People Agenda embraces the impact of digital tools on ways of working, enables managers and personnel to succeed, creates a highly personalized and consistent social experience inside the corporation, and leverages the advantages of an efficient HR function. Our approach builds on current people trends and levers to compose the best possible answers to each company’s key issues.

Stephan Paolini,
Executive Leadership and Change
Capgemini Consulting Global.

Capgemini Consulting has created the “People Framework”, an approach designed to support business and HR executives in understanding – and acting upon – the people trends and their implications in the same way. The ultimate goal is to create high-value links between the company’s people, strategy, and management to reach a sustainable transformation performance, and ultimately drive businesses forward to gain competitive advantage through their people. This is an ever-lasting challenge, leading to complex issues which need to be addressed in a systemic way, as the culture and the mindset are fragile yet intrinsic components of any organization.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Research from Capgemini Consulting and other global human capital experts continues to show that business leaders still believe people are the driving force behind successful strategy and transformation execution, but have difficulty in implementing the necessary people strategy. The actual connection between people and business becomes increasingly more relevant in today’s knowledge-based economy and further illustrates the growing importance of human performance in driving success. The formula for realizing the full potential of any workforce is to:

  • Translate business ambition and objectives into effective benefits for all the people impacted and expected to contribute
  • Engage and empower the managerial force of the company to really become transformation champions
  • Understand, acquire, build and maintain the organization, capabilities and resolve required to deliver the targeted results by:
    - Focusing each employee on activities enhancing both personal and business value
    - Equipping employees and managers with the means and capacities required to deliver high(er) performance
    - Proposing an employee experience generating long-lasting engagement and commitment on the current priorities




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