Mesh collaboration


Mesh Collaboration, a new book by Andy Mulholland and Nick Earle, helps companies understand how to thrive and grow in a fast, ultracompetitive, globalized world through the story of Jane Moneymaker, CEO of the fictitious Vorpal Inc. Continuing a story begun in Mashup Corporation,Moneymaker and her team grapple with service-oriented architecture, mashups  and a complicated relationships with innovators, customers, suppliers, and the IT department. Mashups are applications that enable a new form of business model focused on selling customized products to niche markets and using the power of viral marketing. Mesh Collaboration picks up the story as Moneymaker and her team face the challenges of scaling a new business model in a multicultural and globalized world. General sales and administrative costs are soaring and the reason is unclear. Using the technique of explanatory fiction, Mesh Collaboration shows how Moneymaker merges the new world of Long Tail niche business models with the mass-market enterprise business model. Part Two addresses how Web 2.0 collaborative techniques can be expanded beyond the role they initially played in creating niche markets. Part Three shows how smart services can transform traditional industrial businesses by focusing on Power Plus, Vorpal's larger sister company. Power Plus expands beyond commodity products that compete on price only to a model focused on delivering business value by providing a whole solution through collaborative innovation. The last part of the book provides an analysis into the key questions that arise in each of these scenarios.

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