Me the Media - Rise of the Conversation Society


Since the mid 19th century countless innovations have sprung up from American soil, in particular those related to technology and media. Now, Barack Obama has shown that even the president can benefit from the opportunities of web media. During the presidential campaign his messages on, YouTube and Facebook, and later on, resonated with people in a genuinely democratic way.

Through web media Barack Obama was able to implement the "We the People" dream, allowing every individual to participate in his campaign. It is along these lines that the world is moving from a Conversation Economy to a Conversation Society, which is the ultimate consequence, if not the goal, of what is referred to in this book as the Third Media Revolution.

Me the Media explores the multimedia web-based age that we live in. The old, trusted mass media have been absorbed by a new media mass in which we can all participate as individuals and consumers. After the development of the printing press and the emergence of mass media such as radio and TV, the internet is the Third great Media Revolution undergone by humanity. This sweeping wave has far-reaching consequences: for business, society, technology, and for ourselves.

The Me-Media dynamic has enabled digital alter egos to rapidly become an accepted form of personal and brand identity. These media increasingly form the basis of the social and economic activity in which individuals, organizations, and government engage. The Third Media Revolution e-mancipates physical identities to the Hyperego level: the digital "me's" we know so well from CNNs iReport, iGoogle, iPhone, myBarackObama, and YouTube. All are hyperlinked and super active on the Web, involving citizens, brands, companies and politicians. The coming decades will see us intimately and physically interconnected within our own web by means of ordinary hardware and software, but also via biochemistry (wetware) and nanotech. Through these media, life will become an enormous test laboratory for the further development of humanity.

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