Mashup corporations: the end of business as usual


Mashup Corporations: The End of Business As Usual tells the tale of Vorpal Inc., a fictional company that pioneers the implementation of service-oriented architecture to transform its business model. CEO Jane Moneymaker believes in marketing manager Hugo Wunderkind's idea of creating a new market using non-traditional mashup-based methods, but struggles to achieve this vision.  The story illustrates what it takes to achieve cultural change and overturn the established business and IT structures.  By embracing a service-oriented approach Moneymaker makes Vorpal faster, flexible and more responsive, bringing an end to business as usual. Mashup Corporations takes a unique approach to communicating its message. From the first page, readers will find themselves in a story populated with people who interact in ways that will ring true to others who have struggled to make technology work in an organization, large or small. The conflicts that naturally arise between CEOs, CIOs, and line of business managers illustrate the important issues at stake within Vorpal and most other companies. As the leaders of Vorpal find a way out of their predicament, the rules about how mashups and service orientation can be properly applied emerge. These rules, which may be the most enduring contribution of the book, are illustrated and analyzed using real-life examples. Since the publication of the first edition of Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual in October 2006, the adoption of business models related to mashups, Web 2.0, and service oriented architecture (SOA) has continued to accelerate. New applications, products, techniques, and, most importantly, ideas are blooming.

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