Market Insight

Conducting market research does not necessarily equate to achieving true market insight. By leveraging data that helps you better understand your customers and influence their behavior, market insight digs deep below the surface to identify concrete solutions for improving the customer experience.

Capgemini Consulting offers you market insight solutions that improve understanding of your customer landscape and your competition, while helping you to stand out in the market.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting’s market insight solutions benefit from our extensive market experience and understanding of customer types, marketing strategies, purchasing dynamics and routes to market.

Our customer insight services include:

  • Market studies
  • Competitive market positioning
  • Marketing intelligence audit
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive modeling

By leveraging customer insight, your company benefits from a range of elements that contribute to:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer behavior prediction
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Optimized products, pricing and channels

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini’s analysis and interpretation of market data and customer feedback has helped many organizations improve their customer understanding. Among major clients, we:

  • Assisted a high-tech telecommunications company to interpret 77,000 interviews and 10 billion data points to map 6 billion potential consumers into 12 segments of targeted customer experience. This fed directly into a cost-efficient plan to enhance customer experience.
  • Worked with a leading milk producer to design and implement a specialized business unit for the foodservice market through segmentation and characterization of market channels.
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