Patrick Stelmaszyk

CTO, Capgemini Consulting

Patrick Stelmaszyk is Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini Consulting.

Patrick is convinced we have entered a new era where creativity is trumping technology. The life cycle of any new product or device is getting shorter, but creative individuals who continuously embrace the latest technology to reinvent their business will seize a competitive advantage. It is the duty of any smart organization to encourage this technology-entrepreneurial spirit.

Patrick’s role is to anticipate changes in technology and create leading-edge IT capabilities within the consulting community. He also leads our consulting operations in India, ensuring offshore talents are used to meet their technology agenda.

Before joining Capgemini Consulting, Patrick was in charge of business operations in various disciplines, mainly in manufacturing and supply chain. He spent five years working and living abroad in Singapore and Japan, and he also developed the IT and engineering business for Ajilon Consulting in Central and Eastern Europe from 2006 to 2009.

Patrick holds a Phd in Engineering and a MBA from the HEC Management School.