IT Renewal

The telecoms sector is under intense pressure as IT spending rises while earnings margins decrease. Meanwhile, industry players are dealing with recent trends such as consolidation, competition from new players, regulatory changes, technological developments and evolving consumer demand. As a result, they must constantly adapt business and operations to keep pace, limiting opportunities for cost-cutting measures.

Capgemini Consulting helps telecom companies face these unique challenges by transforming operations to reduce complexity and cost. Our IT Renewal strategies reduce spending in IT management, processes and platforms across both fixed and mobile environments.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini has designed transformational strategies to answer today’s telecom challenges. We help your company reduce complexity and costs in IT management, processes and platforms by using a detailed end-to-end framework, and a methodology that accelerates design and implementation.

Fully integrated with Communications Transformation Platform (CTP), our innovative approach enables transformation through a business led approach, business content, change management methodologies and simplification processes tailored to your business. Our best practice library offers a comprehensive resource of customer journeys, business processes and key performance indicators, which we use as benchmarks for program set-up and delivery.

Our IT Renewal solutions include:

  • End-to-end transformation strategies
  • Business process redesign and management
  • Customer experience optimization
  • IT transformation scoping and sourcing including management of requests for proposal.

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have extensive experience delivering value for clients in strategic and transformational projects. We undertook a full-scale IT transformation of customer relations management, billing, operations support systems and business support systems for a leading integrated operator. We also designed and implemented an IT renewal program as part of a full business transformation for two convergent operators in Belgium and Luxembourg, and completed a B2B sales business process optimization program for a major European operator.

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