Customer Relationship Renewal

As the digital age progresses, consumer behavior is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Capgemini Consulting helps clients in the telecom, media and entertainment industries take advantage of new customer relationship opportunities in the digital world.

At Capgemini Consulting, we optimize customer relationships by defining and understanding the customer experience. Our consultants help your business improve customer relations, optimize marketing efficiency, create new business models, and launch new products and services in both online and offline channels.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We employ tailored approaches to improve and enhance your customer relationships. These include strategies to transform marketing, sales and service to revitalize the customer experience across both online and traditional channels.

Our solutions are designed to facilitate true digital transformation. They include:

  • Multi-channel strategy formulation to define your overall online strategy in the context of multiple channels
  • Online channel strategy formulation to define and develop new ways to optimize sales and customer service on the web
  • Online performance improvement to develop your online sales and service performance through cross channel optimization, improved conversion rates and sales optimization methods such as funnel management.

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have extensive experience delivering value for our clients in both strategy and transformation projects. For over 30 years, we have worked with top wireline, wireless, internet service provider, cable, broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations.

Notable examples include successful projects with companies like Nokia to enhance their online presence and customer experience projects for Telefonica and Orange. We have also worked with O2 Ireland to increase revenues using customer data, and the Telegraph Media Group to enhance customer service for subscribers.

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