Public Security

In recent years, the scope of public security threats has changed significantly, calling for new strategies in law enforcement and border protection. Capgemini Consulting offers solutions for strategic, operational and organizational change to help governments face a rapidly evolving security landscape.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has many years’ experience working with border agencies, the police, and organizations in the justice system to transform services and make them more effective. At both the national and local level, we understand the sector and have developed specific solutions for each key area:

  • Border management: helping governments to define and implement their border management strategy to meet the challenge of increased passenger volumes whilst strengthening national security
  • Police: enhancing front office processes, such as criminal case management and intelligence, as well as in the back office (finance, procurement and HR) to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Justice: implementing new models of service delivery, such as virtual courts, to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the witness and victim experience

Track Record and Value Delivery

Key examples of our public security projects include:

  • Delivering border management solutions in the UK and India
  • Helping the Metropolitan Police in the UK to transform budget control
  • Delivering operational excellence in French courts
  • Providing financial and commercial advice on the procurement of prison management and court escort contracts for the UK’s Ministry of Justice
  • Supporting the Dutch government with its crisis management arrangements
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