The global economic recovery, alongside strong development in emerging markets, is shifting priorities in the manufacturing industry to sustainable, profitable growth. Amidst potential supply shortages resulting in increased prices for steel, energy and human resources, companies must secure strong revenue growth, control costs and increase operational efficiency.

Gunnar Ebner,
Manufacturing and CPRD
Capgemini Consulting Global.

Based on deep industry expertise combined with profound strategy and transformation capabilities, Capgemini Consulting can help you overcome the challenges of the volatile global marketplace and complex supply networks to achieve sustainable performance on a profitable growth path.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting adds value to your company through the design and transformation of global business and operating models as well as manufacturing specific core processes. We combine industry expertise with innovative digital technologies to deliver a unique business and technology transformation approach to manufacturing.

Our professional team of consultants accompanies you in five major transformation areas: Innovation & Lifecycle Management, Digital Sales & Marketing Transformation, One Manufacturer Strategy & Transformation, Global & Digital Supply Chain Transformation and Service Strategy & Transformation.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Based on our unique, multidimensional business transformation framework, Capgemini Consulting supports leading manufacturing companies around the world. We have over 30 years’ experience working in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • High tech
  • Industrial products


Industry 4.0

The key promise of the Industry 4.0 concept is as striking as it is fascinating: we are about to witness a new industrial revolution, fueled by the advancement of digital technologies. The fusion of the physical and the virtual world into cyberphysical systems will have a disruptive impact on every business domain of manufacturing companies. Manufacturers need to profoundly transform their organizations. Our Industry 4.0 framework highlights the major requirements for manufacturers to become Industry 4.0-ready.

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Capgemini Consulting offers industry insight alongside global mobilization and transformation capabilities, making us a unique partner to more than 1000 manufacturing industry clients around the globe.

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