Commercial Transformation

As traditional selling models become obsolete, companies in the life sciences industry must adopt a more customer centric approach. It requires building up new capabilities in customer insights generation and segmentation, consultative selling, multi-channel marketing, account management and strong market access. Capgemini Consulting helps your organization address the strategic and tactical issues arising from this new commercial model by transforming marketing and sales strategies and operations.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

The new commercial models aim at addressing the revenue gaps driven by generics and healthcare cost containment. As a result, market access and reimbursement strategies have become critical to securing prescriptions and product fulfilment. The industry must also acknowledge the growing importance of key accounts by responding to their specific needs. Finally, with the growth of the specialty market, issues of patient access and services have become critical components in product use and adherence.

Capgemini Consulting can help your organization overcome these challenges through comprehensive commercial transformation strategies focused on the following areas:

  • Commercial innovation
  • Multichannel and closed loop marketing
  • Integrated health networks and key accounts management
  • Market access and patient services
  • Product launches
  • Marketing and sales operations

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have an established track record in commercial transformation, with approaches to enhanced return on investment in commercial spend. Our approaches are based on a deeper understanding of customer needs, messaging based on improved segmentation, optimized access to products and patient adherence.

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