Regulatory Compliance

The global regulatory landscape has assumed the shape of a mega tsunami with sweeping changes proposed by the regulators in the US and EU. Financial services companies are reeling under intense pressure to comply with increasing scrutiny, new reporting standards and stringent legislative amendments. Banks are already facing the heat as they align themselves to the pressures of statutory liquidity demands, reporting rules, customer privacy and protection requirements, stress testing, prudential and conduct obligations and a whole array of compliance activities

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

The need to upgrade and align to new technology, platforms and solutions, as banks race to meet deadlines set by the regulators is imperative.


Capgemini Consulting has been helping leading global banks to standardize their processes and models to comply with this evolving regulatory landscape. Our key areas of intervention include: BCBS 239, IFRS 9, FATCA, CRS, MiFID II, PSD 2, AnaCredit, GDPR, Conduct, Ring fencing.

Our expertise in this space rests on:


  • A global network of risk and compliance experts
  • A set of unique tools for help our client undertake rapid Gap Analysis and Roadmap dessign
  • Strong assets and skill sets in modelling, stress testing
  • Research and insights in this domain


Track Record and Value Delivery

We have helped leading banks to define a competitive roadmap in line with the global regulatory standards, remain insulated from potential risk scenarios and realize significant value in their undertakings
A multi-geography and multi-capability standing in the regulatory space, blended with a high-quality inventory of references makes Capgemini Consulting a trusted partner for leading global banks

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