Current operating conditions remain difficult for Non-Life insurers. The combined ratios in most countries are above 100% over the last two years. Non-Life insurers must capture operational efficiencies in order to mitigate the fast-rising costs of claims. This challenge is especially acute because a customer’s experience with claims is often the determining factor of an insurer’s success. Capgemini Consulting’s research shows that a-less-than satisfactory claims experience prompts one in five customers to switch insurance providers. Non-Life insurers, unable to ignore these issues any longer, must transform their operating model.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Within its insurance-dedicated practice, Capgemini Consulting has developed two main offers to respond to its client's claims issues:

  • An offer based on the transformation of the claims department (damages) with or without IT developments
  • An offer to optimize costs of repair for vehicles (e.g. collision, glass breakage, adjustments) and home (e.g. painting, plumbing, electricity, contents expenditures)

These offers are managed by our experts and supported by high-level consultants who are driven by a shared vision, dedication to solving client issues and understanding of the stakes, as expressed through numerous studies.


Track Record and Value Delivery

Throughout its experience, Capgemini Consulting has accompanied major insurance and mutual insurance companies to help them in their transformation programs related to claims and insurance-buying.

A combination of extended business expertise, major references and a strong capability to share vision and build solutions with clients make Capgemini Consulting a unique partner to answer claims and insurance issues.

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