Logistics and Supply Chain

As pressures on the value chain increase, consumer products and retail organizations must reduce costs and inventory levels, while maintaining appropriate delivery service levels and identifying ways to boost their top line.

At the same time, you must adapt value chains to the shifting needs of the global market. Technological innovation offers new ways for you to conduct business, reach customers and share information across the value chain. We can help you make the right connections.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

By optimizing the end-to-end supply chain and creating strong relationships with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and other trading partners, consumer products companies can improve product flow throughout the value chain.

Based on industry insight and supply chain know-how Capgemini Consulting offers services in the following areas:

  • Demand planning, forecasting and replenishment
  • Logistics and fulfillment inventory management
  • Retailer collaboration and trade promotions management
  • Supplier collaboration and sourcing
  • Product safety and traceability
  • Supply chain visibility and control

Track Record and Value Delivery

Across global consumer products and retails markets, we have consulted hundreds of leading consumer products and retail companies in Europe, North America and Asia

With dedicated professionals to supply chain management in the consumer products and retail industry, Capgemini Consulting helps clients gain a competitive advantage by integrating flexible, sustainable and robust solutions for the value chain. This solid foundation positions your company to buy, produce and distribute goods more intelligently and in closer collaboration with partners.

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