IT Governance and Organization

Over the past decade, much of consumer products, retail and distribution companies' IT management efforts have been spent on improving the cost effectiveness of IT.

Using processes such as the centralization of IT functions, targeted outsourcing and the harmonization of systems, companies have taken advantage of global synergies.

Capgemini Consulting helps CIOs focus on the next challenge: delivering cost efficiency, business flexibility and revenue generation through a more holistic approach to IT governance, IT organization and IT processes.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our methodology redefines the strategic remit of the IT organization, through a focus on:

  • Enabling business value
  • Initiating innovation
  • Increasing intimacy
  • Developing new sourcing models

The result is transformation programs that deliver the portfolio of benefits you expect from an IT organization that is more agile and more intimate with the customer.

Track Record and Value Delivery

The organizational redesign approach is based on hundreds of engagements with consumer products, retail and distribution client organizations across the globe.

It addresses the four key elements in a clear sequence leading to an integrated organization and governance model:

  • Defining the task split for IT functions
  • Designing the organizational structure
  • Integrating governance structures
  • Allocating roles and responsibilities

The resulting improvements in the IT operating model reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of IT. They also enable business value, initiating innovation and increasing intimacy between the IT function and the business.

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