BeLean® Operational Excellence

Over the last several years, consumer products organizations around the world have undergone massive changes. Leading companies have had to become agile and resilient, to weather the severe economic downturn and capitalize on the recovery.

In conjunction with these shifting market dynamics, businesses everywhere have turned to Lean as a key enabler of their survival and resurgence.

The first wave of Lean programs began almost 20 years ago, and leading companies today enhance the approach with cultural and behavioral elements to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Traditional Lean programs put an emphasis on Lean tools and techniques, with much less focus on implementing sustainable behavioral change. However, research has shown that these programs need to be rethought.

Capgemini Consulting’s BeLean® methodology provides a new approach to Lean. Our Lean program offers you a strong emphasis on behavioral change as part of the Lean deployment approach.

This type of approach advocates three primary tenets in order to drive successful Lean transformation:

  • Do the right work: Meet customer needs at the lowest cost by focusing only on value-adding activities, and ensuring no waste in the value stream.
  • Do the work right: Active and visible leadership at all levels ensures everyone knows their roles and what is expected of them.
  • Manage the right way: Ensure the whole organization aligns and supports the effort to deliver the customer needs.

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have supported a number of industry leaders in designing and implementing a Lean organization, offering the following key benefits:

  • Optimized flow of customer value through the workplace and improvements to the overall customer experience.
  • Employees on the front line have the motivation, tools and freedom to make major improvements to their daily work.
  • Employees feel ownership and a sense of contribution. This in turn leads to higher morale, lower absenteeism and an overall more productive workforce.
  • Managers can stop micro-measuring performance and look instead at the bigger picture. They can work to improve the end-to-end process and address the wider organizational issues that prevent teams from continuously improving.
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