Harnessing Mobility: How Mobility Acts as an Enabler for Digital Transformation

Wal-Mart is using mobile technologies to transform the shopping experience for customers and improve operational process. Its mobile app features a shopping list and ‘Store Mode’, which notify customers about offers, price and location of required items in the store. The company has tested an app feature that allows customers to scan products with their mobile devices as they shop and then checkout and pay with a single scan at the register. This resulted in reduced in-store wait times, improved shopping experience and revenues — customers who use the Wal-Mart app make an average of two extra trips to stores and spend 40% more per month compared to non-app users.

Wal-Mart has also launched a mobile app for suppliers, which provides them real-time access to the store’s inventory data. This initiative improved in-stock levels and increased efficiency of Wal-Mart associates…

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