FINANCIAL TIMES: Capgemini Consulting on the data revolution from machine-to-machine communication

Capgemini Consulting is featured extensively in an article by Paul Taylor in today’s Financial Times Connected Business report on “M2M: Telecoms giants’ data expansion hopes”.

The article looks at how the linking together of industrial machines and consumer products via wired and wireless connections will generate huge amounts of data. This machine-to-machine (M2M) technology will drive the next wave of digital transformation -- the ‘internet of things’:
“Like any new technology trend, M2M has its share of challenges,” says Jerome Buvat, global head of research at Capgemini Consulting. “They include lack of standards, interoperable networks and high initial costs.”
He adds: “We believe governments will play a critical role in helping address these challenges. They will play a key role in explaining benefits to consumers, to justify the initial high investments. If necessary, they should provide upfront subsidies to the customers to implement these solutions.”
He says government regulations will provide greater scope for the technology’s use. For instance, the EU has mandated the inclusion of automated emergency and breakdown – so-called eCall and bCall – safety systems in new cars, which can send messages for assistance in the event of accidents. It has also called for a smart energy meter penetration level of 80 per cent by 2020.
Mr Buvat adds that telecom operators have a big role to play. “They can help solve the interoperability and revenue share issues by championing M2M partner networks,” he says. He believes their experience in operating networks that can be used by many types of devices, and of handling of billing and data security, gives them the chance to be the public face of these services.