Enterprise Performance Analytics

Increasing enterprise value through better-informed decisions

Capgemini’s Enterprise Performance Analytics approach delivers the insights that organizations need, when they need them.

It provides the CEO and CFO with the evidence to make better, more informed decisions, both strategic and operational. If Business Intelligence gives managers the “what”, Enterprise Performance Analytics gives them the “why”, so that they understand how to change the business to improve performance and increase enterprise value. Analytics can be embedded into core business processes to ensure that performance improvement is sustained.

At Capgemini we fully understand the value that Business Analytics can contribute to an organization as a whole, and to its constituent parts. We offer analytics advisory services to support clients in harnessing the value of analytics tools and techniques to drive better decision making. We have also developed a set of analytics solutions which we tailor to each client’s needs. Our solutions are action-oriented and focused on improving profitability. We describe each of these elements below.