Digital Transformation Review n° 9: The Digital Strategy Imperative : Steady Long-Term Vision, Nimble Execution

In this edition of the Digital Transformation Review, we examine the approaches that organizations can take to crafting a strategy for a digital age, focusing on the following key questions:

  • How do you design a digital strategy in today's uncertain and volatile world and understand how much reinvention of the organization is required?
  • Should your company become a platform, or be a part of one?
  • What are the most successful approaches to executing digital strategy - acquisitions, partnerships, Greenfield?

In addition to Capgemini Consulting's analysis, we spoke to a wide range of experts on these topics, from CXOs to academics and analysts, who offered views from across the world, from the US to Middle East. The accelerating pace of technology change is also examined through the 'startup corner', where the next-generation of digital disruptors are profiled.

Map of guest Contributors

Brian Solis Mark Jamison Marshal l Van Alstyne Rita McGrath Beth Comstock Subhra Das Monty Hamilton

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