Digital Transformation Review n°2

The digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation for organizations and their leaders. This Digital Transformation Review, Edition 2, offers insights for those who are seeking to understand – or lead – digital change.

This ability to lead change is critical and leadership is the theme of this edition. From our global research study with the MIT Centre for Digital Business, which is summarised in this journal, it became clear to us that the popular notion of digital transformation as a bottom-up phenomenon is misguided. Benefiting from transformation typically requires changes in processes or decision-making that span traditional organizational or functional structures – in other words, transformation requires a vision that goes beyond existing silos. This must be a top-down effort.

In this journal we profile a pioneer of digital leadership in an interview we conducted with Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, who has led a true digital revolution at the iconic 156-year-old British brand. We look at what it takes to build a world leader through digital transformation with Manish Choksi of Asian Paints. Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal of The 56 Group, and Esteban Kolsky, Founder of ThinkJar, provide their thoughts on the rise of social CRM. We also take a wider perspective on digital transformation in a stimulating conversation with Jeremy Rifkin, author of the bestselling "The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy and the World".

Talking to these digital pioneers has been enjoyable and very thought-provoking for us. We hope you have the same experience with this journal. If you would like more information, or to discuss any of the issues raised, please let us know.