Digital Transformation Benchmark - 2012 - Insights for the Telecoms Industry

Digital Transformation in the Telecoms Industry

Telecommunications companies are facing new challenges on many fronts. Consumer behavior and increasingly connected devices are driving demand for high-speed connectivity and ever-greater data consumption. This not only puts pressure on infrastructure capacity, it challenges the sustainability of current pricing models. Convergence within the telecom ecosystem (connectivity, services, devices, content, etc.) is also forcing firms to question existing organizational boundaries and business models. For instance, where some operators expect over-the-top providers to have a negative impact on traditional revenue streams, others have recently started to collaborate with these players.

Telecom companies often enable Digital Transformation through connectivity products and services, yet our study shows that many firms do not master all aspects of Digital Transformation themselves. Most firms use digital technologies extensively but do not show the same level of sophistication in digital transformation management. Sub-segments of the industry also appear to approach Digital Transformation in different ways. For example, operators generally score higher on digital intensity than do network and infrastructure manufacturers, perhaps due to their closer proximity to end-customers...

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