Digital Transformation for Telco Operators

Being at the heart of the digital economy, driving and enabling the changing consumer behaviours, telco operators are also facing the threats of challenges brought by pure digital players. Realizing the benefits of the digital transformation for their own business and operating model will help telco operators to outperform in customer satisfaction and revenue growth. 

Report offers telcos compelling reasons for investment in digital


Capgemini Consulting Digital Telco research Download the full report to find out how the rise of the digital consumer has left many operators out-of-sync with their customers.


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Getting your customer experience right in today’s highly-connected world demands greater investment in digital channels. That’s one of the findings in a report by the Digital Transformation Institute at Capgemini Consulting.


Unlocking Customer Satisfaction: Why Digital Holds the Key for Telcos” reveals the huge value that customers place on digital technologies – and the challenges telcos are facing in deploying them effectively.


The research found that despite being at the heart of the digital economy that’s transforming the way people consume products and services, mobile telecom operators are struggling to digitize their own businesses. This has serious implications for their long-term prosperity:



The in-depth Capgemini report is based on a comprehensive primary survey of 5,776 consumers across the US and Europe. This was supplemented with web-based research to further strengthen the findings and involved analyzing the digital brands and propositions of nearly 60 mobile operators.


The findings are clear. In an increasing saturated market, mobile operators must rethink and reengineer customer relationships with digital services. A failure to do so will have a profound impact on the ability to match the benchmark for quality customer services provided by digital pioneers such as Google, Apple and Facebook. The threat is very real, with 44 percent of mobile users saying they would switch to one of these brands if they introduced a mobile service.


Our track record in delivering a great customer experience with digital

Telco Operators have to deal with over-the-top competitors challenging their business models, new technology transforming their operating model and consumers asking for a more engaging customer experience. Capgemini Consulting has built an end-to-end offer portfolio to encompass all the challenges of  digital transformation for telco operators.  We can help drive strategy formulation and execution, accelerate results and transform companies based on our unique business and digital transformation capabilities.


Our service offerings comprise:


  • Fast Digital Telco: In today’s digital-focused world, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to transform their operations to enable them to deploy flexible and targeted digital services rapidly for their customers, at any location and across any device. Those organizations able to digitize customer experience, simplify and harmonize business processes, and optimize operations will be best placed to gain competitive advantage in today’s complex and challenging business environment. Capgemini’s FAST Digital Telco, developed with Best in Class partners, is an instantly available, cloud-based, global offering to help CSPs facilitate and accelerate digital transformation.   
  • Launching Greenfield Digital-Only Operations: A cost-effective and efficient way of responding more quickly to changing consumer demands is by launching greenfield, digital-only operations that function via a fully digital operating model (uses only digital channels for sales, customer service and information; Use digital technologies to enhance the customer experience and real-time engagement; and act as a digital test bed for the wider enterprise, where the business can test its future model for operations, marketing, sales, and service while continuing its efforts to transform the entire organization. Capgemini Consulting helps clients define and launch the entire set up.  
  • Analytics for Telco: Based on our unique expertise and experience in analytics and supported by the team of data scientists mobilized in the Data Farm, Capgemini Consulting has built a comprehensive framework to deliver the benefits of the analytics for telecom operators, identifying the most impactful use cases and designing the operations and organization for efficient data analytics operations.
  • Telco Cloud: Telco operators are facing the largest and most impactful transformation of their network architecture and organization with the deployment of network function virtualization (NFV) technologies. Capgemini has developed an innovative transformation framework to support Telco operators successfully navigate their transition towards network virtualization. Thanks to our unique expertise in cloud transformation and telco processes, we have defined a framework which embraces all the critical aspects to be addressed and includes concrete and proven propositions.


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