Digital Leadership

Marc Menesguen, Managing Director of Strategic Marketing for L’Oréal, explains how the digital revolution has impacted the organization and strategy of the global beauty products leader.

Digital transformation is one of the major drivers of change in today’s world. I believe we are witnessing the start of a true revolution, given how the major players are powering forward – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook... – and the speed at which digital tools are proliferating. There are expected to be 20 billion connected devices (telephones, tablets, game consoles, etc.) by 2015.
This revolution naturally has an impact on how our consumers relate to information and advertising, and thus to our brands. According to a study by the Forrester group, 7% of sales around the world today take place online, and almost 40% of off-line sales are influenced by internet research. So almost half of purchases in the world are already somehow digitally influenced.


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