Projects and internal contributions

Internal activities round out the working and learning experience of each of our consultants.

Capgemini Consulting offers its consultants a number of opportunities to develop within the company and take part in internal projects:

  • Proposal: Consultants sell and deliver their project. A part of each project involves the consultant promoting his or her own point of view and business proposal approach.
  • Thought leadership: Clients expect their consultants to raise controversial ideas. Consultants are involved in internal assignments aimed at thinking beyond the near future, so their insight is valuable in the creation of business strategy.
  • Internal training: Consultants are expected to share their personal experiences with each other. During internal training, the exchange of ideas on behavior and best practices can lead to meaningful results for consultants individually and for the company as a whole.
  • Recruiting : Beginning at senior consultant level, consultants are involved in the recruitment process.
  • Campus management: Capgemini Consulting participates in events at universities, engineering schools, and business schools. We present our company’s positioning and activities, exchange experience with students, deliver master courses, and involve ourselves in innovative projects to interact with students.
  • Organizing social events: We are proud to cite “fun” as one of our seven core values. Our consultants can propose any internal events that are aimed at promoting our values and sharing our passion. A recent example is our ascent of Mont Blanc.

These internal development opportunities are an important part of our consultants’ training. They enable us to develop new skills, work with new people, and build a professional network. We have found that these opportunities provide an important element of refreshment and variety to the work our consultants do.
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