A Global Training Curriculum

Capgemini Consulting’s Global Curriculum provides consultants with training that builds a set of lasting skills and capabilities at each grade and contributes to their professional development.

Training at Capgemini Consulting is based on a Global Core Curriculum and is delivered either in our Capgemini Consulting University or locally. We are currently intensively developing the virtual support on modern mobile devices (IPAD, smartphone, etc.) to enable our consultants to access remotely to our training materials.

Daily Training and Coaching

Training begins (and never ends!) with on-the-job project work. Knowledge sharing between team members enables junior consultants to improve their skills on a day-to-day basis.

Consultants also gain unrestricted access to company-wide methodology databases that facilitate knowledge management and professional development. Through these virtual databases, consultants can learn from the experiences and expertise of colleagues around the world.

The Global Curriculum

The importance that the Group places on training is shown through the global curriculum at Capgemini Consulting University. The global curriculum allows every consultant, no matter where they work, to benefit from the same training resources.

The curriculum covers a wide range of skills and capabilities:

  • Core Consulting Skills (e.g. business cases, facilitating workshops, consulting selling, etc.)
  • Content (e.g. digital services and technologies, strategic analysis, operating models)
  • Leadership and development (e.g. managing projects, business development, people leadership, etc.)

In addition to this curriculum, consultants can choose elective modules that go into depth about specific areas of interest. While mandatory training programs must be completed before a consultant can be promoted to the next grade, elective programs can be personalized depending on an individual’s interests.

Our goal is to deliver from 6 to 10 days' training annually.

Our Summer University

We have an annual Consulting University Week held in the summer, gathering consultants from all countries, which represents our  key Learning and Development event. This event is delivered in our dedicated facilities in France, near Paris.

Les Fontaines Campus - Summer Consulting Week

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