Thinking Global

Capgemini Consulting is a global company that operates in more than 12 countries and has the ability to deliver in almost every country in the world. A career with us allows you to develop your skills within a truly international workplace. We embrace a set of values and a business approaches that we share across locations and disciplines. Our competency model and training curriculum are used for consultants worldwide and our global HR policy is aimed at making the most of our diverse employee pool.

How do our consultants benefit from an international work environment?

''When you work for Capgemini Consulting, you benefit from the unique opportunity to share your experience with a truly international group of people. Exchange of ideas and information occurs through:

  • A global training curriculum with training opportunities in India, France and the United States that our employees take part in throughout their careers.
  • Our global client portfolio: Most of our clients are global companies themselves.

Transforming their business and organization requires change at every location. A number of our ongoing projects are conducted by international teams designed to support a global transformation.

What about working in other locations?

Our international offices have exchange programs that allow employees to transfer either for short-term or long-term periods. Additionally, while we have offices in over 15 countries, our work takes us to many more places. Our consultants frequently journey overseas to transform companies throughout the world.

People and Culture