Acceleration Capabilities

At Capgemini Consulting, we believe that speed is critical to business success. That’s why we design for our clients a range of capabilities aimed at accelerating their transformation. We help you define your strategy, and then we help you implement it.

Accelerated Solutions Environment & Network

Our ASE and ASN (Accelerated Solutions Network) are collaborative journeys that accelerate decision making, value creation and delivery.

We have experience implementing an Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) across a wide range of industries, from retail and financial services to manufacturing and automotive. Our clients include Limited Brands, General Motors, ABN AMRO, Genentech, ExxonMobil and Hewett Packard. Hear what our clients have to say about the value of ASE.

Our Strategic Insight Lab aims to address our clients’ major issues and create attractive value propositions, through in-depth strategic research, benchmarking and analytics.

Rapid and Effective Collaboration

Capgemini Consulting has digitized our way of working with clients. While collaboration and co-creation are at the heart of what we do, we deploy new technologies to deliver digital solutions capable of driving quick and innovative outcomes for your business.

What We Offer

Accelerated Solutions Environments

Events that enable people to problem solve in a dynamic, technology-filled workshop session.

Digital Transformation Research Institute

Digital is taking the world by storm and transforming everything in its path.

Digital Delivery

Leveraging the latest innovations and technologies to collaborate more effectively and deliver value to our clients.