Third-Party Logistics Study

The 2017 21st Annual Third Party Logistics Study shows that shippers and their 3PLs continue to move toward meaningful partnerships and steady improvement in the strategic nature of relationships. This year’s results show that as 3PL offerings mature, shippers are increasingly taking advantage of logistics providers’ expertise.

This report identifies trends and explores how both 3PLs and shippers are working together to improve and enhance their businesses and supply chains. This year’s report explores the following topics:

Current State of the Market: Explores trends in shippers’ use of outsourced logistics services and the dynamics of 3PL-shipper relationship.

Special Focus Topics: An in-depth view of the survey and research responses across key areas for this year’s study.

  • Logistics Service Providers: Decision Time
  • 3PL Roles in Supply Chain Transformation
  • Utilizing Big Data and Analytics
  • End-of-Life Supply Chain

Strategic Assessment: A brief look at four new topics that arose from the research, interviews, and workshops:

  • Change Management
  • Food and Beverage Sector
  • Digitizing the Truck
  • The Effect of Brexit on the Supply Chain

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Associated experts

  • Frank Monte
    Consumer and Industrial Products Supply Chain, United States